Is it me or is it that most Korean drama shows revolve around money?

Coming from an "American" viewpoint
By the way I'm not hating on Koreans I happen to love their shows
I've watched Boys Over Flowers, Cinderella and the 4 Prince Charming, and The Heirs

I actually grew up w a lot of Korean friends so I can actually understand these shows

And recommendation to other KDrama is well appreciated


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  • I am Korean
    And those dramas are considered kinda crazy materialistic in here too lol
    I never like them. And the male characters are assholes
    by the way Boys over flowers is actually a japanese comic

    • Boys over flowers is Japanese?

    • Yes it's originally japanese comics. Japan/Korea/Taiwan have Boys over flowers dramas actually lol

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  • No, most do not at all. It is a theme n the ones u have watched because all of those r about rich guys and that's popular in dramas. but no there a way more that aren't about money

  • Societies usually revolve around either money or sex and koreans are fairly conservative so their society revolves around money. Here in north america - society revolves around sex and most people don't mind if you don't have too much money.

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