How can a person produce a song if it samples other songs?

Doesn't a producer make a beat? If the beat is sampled from someone else's song, then what does the producer do?


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  • The producer could make the beat, but not necessarily, and he/she isn't limited to that. In summary, producers are basically supervisors. They make sure things go and are performed the way they would be performed best (i. e. Changing the tone or way someone sings a part to make it fit better within the song.)

    “The music producer is in charge of either writing the material or if he didn’t write it, he’s in charge of organizing it and making it sound like a cohesive song. He calls all the shots on what’s played, and when it’s played, and how it’s played, and the sounds that are used, or the vocals that are recorded if they’re correct or not. The producer is in charge of everything.”

  • Go learn a real instrument.

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