Does anyone think this is one the weirdest villain demises in a movie?

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  • That's weird but it's not as bad as in the bond game "nightfire" where the villain gets incinerated by the launching of a rocket because she didn't make it past the blast doors after you broke her stupid protective glass enclosure. Yah talk about weird. There she is laughing at you, then you successfully make it into the safe room 3 times after killing a bunch of guys each time. Then she can't even make it when nobody else is there. Wtf?

    it might be when Scaramanga assembled the golden gun right in front of his business associate and then shoots him or when Knick Nack killed his partner and left her sitting in a seat at a boxing match. Scaramanga then proceeded to tell bond what happened after he found her dead.


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  • Yeah, but I've always considered James Bond movies to be garbage. Then again, I consider Star Wars to be trash too, but given the constant box office success of those movies, the joke is apparently on me.

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