How to humble myself?

I have a strong passion in something, and I would like to say I have some talent in it. Done it for years, and even though I have the experience, I am by no means the best. I know that I have a lot to learn. However, this passion of mines evokes a lot of strong opinions and feelings about others who are involved in this passion. I am arrogant and rude and I have a hard time humbling myself when I am confronted with opposing opinions, and I get angry very easily. How do I go about being humble?


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  • Being humble is the feeling of uncertainty. To you no matter how good you are you feel you know you can do better and perfect your passion.

    • Well, yeah that is how I feel about myself and my passion. I never held a shred of doubt in my skills, so if that is the case should I humble myself or is it good to be arrogant and passionate about my opinions?

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    • Never good to be arrogant, because even if you're the best, there are still things you don't know, and you can never be better than everyone else put together. All arrogance does is to make enemies, and a person can never have too few enemies.

    • @Tammy94 But is it wrong to stand by strong beliefs and believe in myself and what I have to say?

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  • It sounds to me like, at some level, a lack of self-confidence. If you really know that you have much to learn, then perhaps you feel threatened by others who have different opinions because they remind you of your limitations and you show this by acting arrogant and rude. Without knowing more about what the talent is, it's hard to say more. If it's something directly competitive like debate or wrestling or something, that's one thing. if it's music or dance (which I'm involved in) where there's competitiveness but not necessarily "I win/you lose," then try to learn from the other person.

    • I don't lack self confidence, though.

    • If anything, I have over confident about myself.

    • I am** sorry typo.

  • I would say unless it's an insult, don't take everything to heart. There is criticism and constructive criticism, which in my opinion I can take both. You sound like you can't, which is ok because you have confidence, but that pride can only allow you to grow so far. The best thing about having a passion is being encouraged to try and try new things even if some fail. That's how you develop style and technique which in the long run will take you far, however remember your gift is just a gift and if you want to humble yourself honestly don't take things too harshly and let your pride for your passion try to limit you. If you want to be great you have to listen to what others may think you lack in or try to help you in areas more. Don't get angry especially if you know they care or if their experience. I love art and I use to hate being told I can do things different, because I felt like I was good enough the way I did things, but seeing other people's preference or perception of art made me dabble in all type of different arts which allowed me to grow in my passion. When you receive a compliment don't let it get to your head either, a nice thank you and smile is enough to express how appreciative you are and proud. Humble people aren't just nice people, they may or may not be talented, however they know they are still the same as everyone else. no more no less

    • But I don't have pride. I'm able to take constructive criticism and I welcome it. I'm just very confident in my passion and I think a lot of other people are doing it wrong.

    • Let me correct that: I have pride in my work. I don't have that much pride that I can't take it. My passion is art and I see a lot of things that I believe is not art and it's crap and people are producing terrible art except me. I believe people are doing it all wrong. But I never had too much pride that I couldn't take constructive criticism

    • Well I would suggested, if you feel your too good which isn't bad, give yourself a better challenge by branching away from that group. Even if you can't then take the opportunity to get to see what the other people see as art. Ask questions about their work and get to know them on a deeper level. Not all art is crap that is just your perspective, and if you keep thinking that way it limits your understanding of others. You sound very passionate in your messages just by reading them, all you have to do is use it for good, not only for yourself but others.