Aliens fans, what do you think of this Smart Gun replica?

I saw this earlier today on AvPGalaxy, it's a replica of Pvt. Vasquez's "ADIOS" M-56A2 Smartgun. Go here to see it for yourself and get one (if you can afford it):

Aliens fans, what do you think of this Smart Gun replica?@Waffles731 @Dred1614returns @SlightlyCrazy @Valkyrie1 @Afro-dite9

I'm still trying to see if there are any pre-built airsoft replicas of it or pre-built painball replicas that are actually manufactured and sold so they can actually be used and play around with like the ones in the videos below, as the replica above are ONLY for display purposes:

Paintball Replica:

Airsoft Replica:

Not sure what kind of replica this one is but it just makes a lot of noises, think it's Airsoft:

I really want to see a "live-fire" one eventually, just like how the some people earlier had made real working live-fire versions for the M-41A Pulse Rifle, although I doubt a "live-fire" Smartgun will actually be able to fire "10×28mm Caseless" ammo that IT IS SUPPOSE TO fire, and be connected to a steadicam with the full articulation arm and have the Head Mounted Sight (HMS) which provides this gun the Infrared "Smart" Targeting System and a 500-round detachable drum magazine like it had in the movie and video games.

This topic question is in response to @Waffles731's ealier topic question on a live-fire Pulse Rifle:

I wonder if they are going to add the Head Mounted Sight and/or the articulation arm at some point. I think this replica would be great for cosplay or for Science Fiction conventions and similar events. Very pricey though.


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  • You've got me mistaken, my moms the huge alien fan.
    I liked the idea of the actually live firing sci-fi weapon.
    Alien is good, but its not in my top five favorite science fiction
    that list is
    1. Star Wars
    2. Firefly
    3. Farscape
    4. Fallout
    5. Shadowrun

    • Star Wars is the classic, also heard of Firefly, Farscape and Fallout, but I haven't heard of Shadowrun, at least until now.

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    • @Waffles731 What about cyborgs, mechas, androids, etc? They have those too?

    • they've got lotsa and yeah lots of cyberware

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  • That looks amazing. So hype for the new movie this year!

    • Alien Covenant won't have smartguns or pulse rifles, no US Colonial Marines, as far as I can tell the gun-toting characters aren't US Colonial Marines.

      But the Neil Blomkamp movie will have them back.

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    • Did you see the trailer for Alien Covenant? I thought it was sick. There will be new kinds of xenomorphs. And I think the Deacon; the xenomorph that appeared at the end of Prometheus, may or may not return.

    • I did see the trailer. The Deacon will definitely make a comeback since this is a direct sequel to Prometheus. I'd be disappointed if it didn't show.

  • This is awesome!

  • A whole lot different from obama's smart guns.

    • I know that version in terms of "Smart" has nothing to do with a gun's aiming and tracking capability, but rather to prevent unauthorized access and use by anyone else other than the owner of the gun.

      But for something in a fictional future of the 2170s, this gun is the Squad Automatic Weapon of the future for the US Colonial Marines. It's specs are as unreal that it's cool: Feed system consist of a 500-round detachable drum magazine, Ammo type is supposed to be 10×28mm Caseless (M250), having 2 Fire modes, Fully automatic and 4-round burst, it's operated by rotating breech and electronic pulse action and supposed to have a rate of fire of 1,200 rounds/min that is effective up to 1,500 meters, and has Medium to High Accuracy because of the Infrared Auto-tracking Auto-Aiming/Targeting system with the Head Mounted Sight and Articulation Arm.

  • As someone who used to play a lot of airsoft I want it 😈

    • That's what I was looking for, but no mass produced ones, I did find some pre-built ones for the Pulse Rifle:

      Although in theory, if someone has the mod skills they can probably get this and Modify it to become an usable airsoft version of the Smart Gun:

      Maybe one day there will be pre-built ones for the Smartgun, but as of now, only custom made ones modified from other airsoft guns exist.

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    • Between universal and Disney there's most of what you said

    • @SlightlyCrazy

      Yes, I know. There had been a ride for Terminator 2 and Star Wars for those theme parks. I really would want to go to 20th Century Fox World because they have the fucking Derelict ship:

      But then I would have to take a plane all the way to Malaysia. Damn, hopefully they'll have one locally in the US or Canada eventually.