So Sims 4 is getting vampires back. What would you want?

I just read an announcement that vampires are returning to Sims with a game pack dedicated just to them. You can have classic-type vamps, or more modern Twilight-esque types. (Since TS2 gave you only the classics and TS3 gave you Twi-vamps only.)

Some are praising the new direction of a separate game pack for each. It's a mini-expansion that will allow each creature state to be developed properly before released - without the need for tons of unwanted extra stuff.

TS3 Supernatural very much rushed production on all its creature states, and underdeveloped all of them horribly. So I agree with this move.

Most will want werewolves, witches, plant-men, etc. to return. I'm thinking they should try something new: henshin heroes.

Set the device type, customize the outfit, etc. It can be a really dark theme like Kamen Rider Ryuki, or a super-cheesy Power Rangers-esque theme. Various monster types could be included, along with theme-relevant actions.

Sims gone toku could be fun, and is definitely something EA hasn't tried yet.


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  • I haven't played Sims 4 yet but i still play Sims 3 every now and again. I dont have the supernatural pack but the vampires came with my Late Night pack. They are pointless to me. They just stand there staring at my sim but never make a move

    • I heard the Sims 4 wasn't worth the money.

    • @TheSpartan i heard the same lol. But this year it went down from like $60 to $30. But sims 3 has took up almost all of my computer memory haha

    • Maybe I'll buy it. Right now, I'm looking at Resident Evil 7 and Mount & Blade: Bannerlord.

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