Drawing advices abd notes?

Hey there, it would be nice if some of you could give me advices on my drawings and note them. So in order : Thresh, my very first drawing, a fishing spot that I went to in summer (took less than 30 minutes to draw), genji (from overwatch) took 3 work days (about 8 to 12 hours) and a sword made for a character in my brother's book.
Thanks for the feedbacks! ^^Drawing advices abd notes?Drawing advices abd notes?Drawing advices abd notes?Drawing advices abd notes?


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  • I'll be brutally honest.

    the 2nd one is the only decent one though it looks like it has a motion blur filter on it and i don't understand why.

    the 4th one are too abstract to say anything meaningful about.

    At first i thought the 3rd one was abstract but after looking at if for a quite a while i think i see a samurai helmet or robot head. if so, the background needs to be subordinate to the figure which is the focal point of the image and what the image is about. most easily done by reducing the contrast and toning down the colors.

    the first one is a total cluster fuck, incoherent mess. the forms of the figure aren't in any coherent order that makes it look like a figure. i spent more time trying to figure out what was it was and what was going on.

    Your welcome :)

    • Thanks for your reply! The first and third one are game characters so if you don't play the game or know it, it is as you said, difficult to say what are those. I'll need to work on refining lines I think but hey studies come first!