What's your favorite phrase or line Trump Supporters typically like to use?

We know the stale jokes already. What's your fave? I know, non TSs say it too, but it's more vocal with them lel

If you're a Trump supporter, what's a line you love non supporters using? I ask because all this anger with each other, I'm beginning to make humor out of it, wondering if anyone else does

  • Something about wall-building
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  • Something about Lib-Tard
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  • Something about stop playing victim
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  • Something about Feminazi
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  • Mentioning they pay taxes to the gov
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  • Now that I see the choices, all of the above. The first that came to my mind was, "you're just mad about the election results." No I'm not. I'm just having a hard time believing that he will do his job without decimating the economy and progress that we've made. His lawyer just said Trump should not be expected to destroy the country he built. That's the job you dildo. How did he pass the bar exam?

    • One of the most unreal moments in my life of living tbh. I don't hate the guy, I'll give him a chance, no choice on that but to justify him at every turn shows the hurt this country has was maintained with a mere mason jar.

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    • I wonder if our school system have anything to do with it. Remember the multiple choice questions, the framework: "Out of the options, only ONE is correct." You think this is a low-key method to close our minds? Lack of optimism and not having an open mind on other ideas in our daily life like now.

    • I'm not optimistic because Trump is still parading around his win. His arrogance is astounding. His victory tour is just to remind us that he won and to distract us from realizing he has no idea what he's doing. I still don't know his plans for the future. 30 million people lost health coverage last night and I still don't know what trump care is. But at least he can work Twitter. At 3 in the morning. Which isn't saying a lot because my niece can work twitter and she's 8. Trump shouldn't feel bad though. She is an abnormally smart child. The good news is that we're doing good in some areas like the stock market is doing great. We don't mention much of anything else.

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  • Fake lefty news is one of my favourites πŸ˜‚

    • Jokes on the because news related to gender, race and culture bating is fake righty news, stupid poop faces lol

  • Grrrrrab em by the pussy!!

  • My favorite is the one about making America great again because wtf is happening all these men are turning into pathetic pansies

  • The one that annoys me... is being called a racist... sexist... homophobic. But that's all democrats have left. Their party's in a shambles

  • My favorite one ... i mean it's true, but it's still funny as all hell... they say

    Jan 19 is Obama's last day!!

    That one gets me every damn time.

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    • Ahhahahahhahahhaj odmckf

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    • LOL that's the best GIF for such a phrase.

    • Hahahha πŸ™ˆπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ˜‚

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