What's Your Favorite Movie?

What's your favorite movie or movies? You can have multiple movies holding the top spot like me.
Mine favorite movies that are all #1:
Alien, Aliens, Jurassic Park, and Predator
What's yours?


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  • Scarface. He Got Game. Van Wilder.

    • I must see Scarface. I've heard it's awesome. "Say hello to my little friend!"

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    • I don't like the shower scene. To gorery.

    • Oh some people like gore some don't
      I'm someone who likes gore depends on gore type but I enjoy it
      Don't get me wrong somethings are over the top disturbing like Alien3 and dog alien Chesterburster scene Rambo 4 when they slaughtered that one village and people
      Some things just to bloody

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