Tips on majoring in dance?

I have to declare my major next Fall, and plan to major in dance. I've been a ball of energy since I was a kid (and still am now) and I love to dance, sing and listen to music, but I haven't actually /danced/ since I was five--once my parents divorced, I moved, and never was able to take dance again, due to finances.

I plan to stretch every day, so that by the time my study starts, I'll at least have some flexibility. I'm already going to try out one dance course this spring semester--it's good to test the waters early, but I have a feeling that I'm going to stick with it. I've dreamt of taking a dance class my whole life, but never thought I'd have the opportunity, and now I do.

My college's program doesn't require an audition, and I don't plan to become a professional dancer. But dance majors and dancers alike, do you have any advice to give me, on what I should buy, exercises to practice before Fall, or anything of the like?


I forgot to mention that this type of dance program does have a few actual dancing classes, but is mostly studying dance from an academic point of view.


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  • just remember, it would be for a grade. often times, the arts become annoying, when you feel pressure on it. i know i did. when i was playing clarinet for a grade, i was always pressured, especially because when i was in high school, my director told me i wouldn't be able to participate in band, if i failed my math class.

    just remember, dance should be fun, right?


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  • That's a joke major. Just like visual arts majors, humanities majors, soft science majors, and ethnic/gender/sustainability majors.

    If you want a decent career without too difficult a college course load, try Finance or Accounting (Corporate emphasis, not CPA).

  • You aren't going to be one of those people who complain that they can't find a decent job after college are you.

    You will be prepared for nothing after you graduate

    • No, I'm not, because I'm going into sports medicine after college. But thanks for your concern.

    • And there are many careers now that couldn't care less about a student's major; I understand that it wasn't this way before, but now it's starting to be, I see it more often every day.

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  • This sounds like a bad idea. The people going into that major started dancing when they were five and then *kept dancing*. It's like saying you sang once in the second grade concert and want to major in music.

    You'd be better off going for a major that will be useful and then taking dance classes for pe and elective requirements.