What do you think of this song?

Backstory- He just got released yesterday from jail due to inefficient evidence in a homicide investigation, he ordered his youngers to kill his op because he got his chain robbed. The youngers ended up shooting an innocent man by accident.


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  • okay yeah didn't make much sense at all until I read the back story, personally I think it's shit, it didn't make an impression on me at all except that I probably wouldn't listen to it again if given a choice. I would recommend for the artist to try going for a story telling type song rather than throwing a bunch of random statements together and repeating them, but I am the more old school type (gen x) rather than the new millennial mumble rap, but hell if it sells then more power to him

    • He isn't mumbling lmfao. He's on OG

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    • He addressed a few things and he tried to clear a few issues up whilst making a banger.

    • ah well in his defense I stopped listening at like a minute and fifty six seconds in, and I'm not interested enough in the genre to go back and listen to it so yeah sorry for wasting your time dawg my bad lmfao 😂

  • This did not qualify as a song. Just noise.

    • Lol you are confused.

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