POLL: We liked each other, had great times. but I broke up with her because of long distance. Now I feel extremely sad? I cried too... is this normal?

or do i love her?


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  • How far is the distance, and did it start that way?

  • ... did you start as long distance? Or did it become long distance?

    For how long did u date her?

    • 2 years. was always long distance. we discussed marriage, future kids etc. she lives in middle east

    • Ah i see. Wel two years is so long of course u must love her

      Especially if u taled about family and kids as well

      If u started it already long distance, may i ask what made u want to end it now?

      by the way me too im in a long distance of almost 3 years now. Also started as long distance nd still haven't met.

  • You love her.


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