Is this really fishy? Why did I get the receipts from a guy?

So I used to go to this dance class. The female instructor was a bit weird to me. One day I called her out on it in a very subtle way. I thought the reason had something to do with payment. I wondered if she would tell the guy in-charge, but for some reason she didn't.

It all ended on good terms. Which is great.

Today I randomly (almost a month later) got receipts mailed to me not by her but by the guy in-charge. I didn't really understand.

Anyone else think this is fishy?


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  • wed have to know the full story, but, did you pay for the class. i mean you dont have any outstanding payments, right?

    • No. This was a receipt as confirmation that I paid for certain classes. It's just... why would theys end it to me almost one month after the class was done.

      I almost wondered if she complained to him about me and he's sending me those receipts to show he knows that there was a bit of an argument.

      Another possibility is that because a new dance session is coming up in two weeks time they are sending me the reciepts so that I have proof that I took a full session and don' thave to repeat a class.

      But still. Isn't it sort of really odd to get it out of absolutely nowhere?

    • some places just send receipts as records

    • Sure but I know for a fact that it isn't automated.

      Plus what I don't understand... is why does it say his name (he is the head), i don't know him. It usually says my instructor's name when she used to send out the reciepts.

      She probably forwarded on teh information to him that I didn't ahve certain reciepts so why couldn't she just send themherself

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