Which sport do you think is better and why: baseball or softball?

I say baseball because you can steal bases and if you foul a pitch off with 2 strikes, you are not out. With softball, it cheapens the rules and is a variant form of baseball. Baseball is to softball as Coca-Cola is to Pepsi.

Also, you're allowed to bunt in baseball. In most competitions of softball, they don't allow bunting. In softball, at times, you can't hit the ball out of the ball park without being called out or they have a maximum number of times you can do it like 1 or 3. Many other examples also.

https:// en. wikipedia. org /wiki/Comparison _of_baseball _and_softball


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  • Love the Soft Here, dear.
    Welcome to Gag Town, and by the way, you May have to Play "Hard Ball" Here, dear. lolxx

  • Those are all specific league or ball park rules you are stating for softball, not universal. Also, are you talking slow pitch or fast pitch softball? .

  • Door number 3 football


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