Does anyone actually think Jessica Jones is a good superhero show?

Aside from the inconsistencies of her using her powers, the main objective is to kill a man who "Controlled her to kill someone" If that doesn't say man hating show I don't know what does. Plus most of the time the mine control happens to girls/woman in the chat group, by the 4th episode I got sick and stop watching it cause it feels like a sexist show. "A guy rapes the girl and he has a bad past, the girl is so innocent and so in love with him so she tries to not kill him" The guy is always bad bad bad, I only watched the show cause Luke Cage is there, love that show fantastic show. I love the girl who plays the girl jessica jones, kristen. She's a fantastic actress. I just hate the fact that she used her time to play on this show that I honestly thing is true garbage. Imagine there was a superhero show that switched around and made it seem like all females are bad and stuff there would be a huge uproar. And not to mention the fucking neighbor of hers was a evil spy all along and guess what, it's a man. Have I seen any female villains in here? hell no. In most superhero shows, whether a guy or girl plays it, you'd mostly see any type of gendered villain. It's not so one-sided. Heck just look at electra. I'm sorry, but this show is true garbage to me. Anyone else feels this way? OR if you don't let me know your thoughts on this show.


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  • I actually loved Jessica Jones! I agree the first say 4-5 episodes were meh but once I got past that I absolutely got addicted and watched the rest of the episodes in a matter of two days! I ended up rewatching the season as it really is a show that has stayed with me so I would reccomend finishing the show before judging it because you can't judge a show by only a few episodes! I did watch Luke cage and I have to say that show was extremely bland and not half as good as Jessica Jones. Like cage to me felt like a much lower budget marvel Netflix show. Either way Daredevil is the best one by far with Jessica Jones second and Luke Cage third!

    • I'm the opposite, I think Luke Cage is the first and Daredevil is the second and jessica jones is dead last in where ever the marvel shows which i think iron fist was. But I guess you're right, i should continue to watch, if it gets more eh, I gotta watch something else to binge lol

    • Yea watch and finish Jessica jones before you decide! You can't judge a movie by just watching the first 20 minutes after all 😜

  • I like the show, hate the title character