Which one looks the best for my YouTube Channel?

Spent all day working on these, wanted to get some feedback before I put them on my channel.

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  • Honestly? None.
    Having two pictures is not good at all. Then the turtle doesn't match the style of the background. Same with the font. It all looks forced to me, like you liked those elements so you had to put them together even if it didn't really fit.
    You can't tell what the background is in the first and last.

    I'm not trying to bring you down or anything, but as a digital artist graduate, I've committed these mistakes in the past, and it's no good, this would have gotten me failed in school.

    But anyways, if you don't care about that, I guess the 2nd one looks the best.

    • I appreciate your feedback and your concerns. I'm not really artistically talented so I'm trying to the best with what I have after one class working in Photoshop and Illustrator so I'm sure you know how that goes. I could spend time trying to defend my choices but I feel like a much more productive way to go about this is asking for your assistance since you know much more about this that I do. What do you think I should do. All three elements (background, text and turtle) need to all be there in some form or another so how should I go about incorporating all of them into the banner. All help would be welcome.

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    • You could select the sky on the left and then move it to the right. It won't fit correctly, but you can use the clone stamp tool to fill in the holes.
      Ok, if you wanna keep that font, that's fine, but you could style it too. If you double click on the font layer, you can add lots of details, that will help you make it stand out.

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  • Dang you're a good artist. I really like the style of the background and the turtle is so cute lol.

  • Either the first or the last... That background picture looks good, I don't know if the turtle should be there or not. That's up to you... But that is the background pic you should use.

  • Dude I'm digging the turtle