Is it true that most Americans or Westerners think it's cool these days to hop on the Nintendo hate bandwagon and make fun of anyone?

who likes anything from Nintendo?

Just curious. I hear often on the internet how Westerners/Americans think it's cool these days to deliberately fanboy for Call of Duty, Xbox and PlayStation, only to hate on anything from Nintendo and then troll their customers/fans.

This video demonstrations what I'm talking about.

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  • I'm a PC gamer, so you y'alls are n00bs to me.

    • At least some of you PC gamers never exaggerate or fabricate your hardware specs like PS and Xbox fanboys do for PS4 and Xbox One (which are nothing more than Gaming PC-wannabes). Nintendo at least tries to be different with their most of their consoles.

    • How do you exaggerate hardware specs on a console? It makes no sense!

    • PS and Xbox fanboys act as if their gaming platforms are the most powerful in gaming while they greatly obsess over framerate, graphics and power rather than their exclusive games or games in general, when they could have just built their own gaming PC if they want the highest framerate, best graphics and most power, for similar prices. Instead, they'd rather waste money on the very consoles that are desperately trying to copy PC gaming (minus the online subscription). They both require game discs being installed to storage in order to be able to play, like PC gaming (although physical media is pretty much almost completely dead in PC gaming). The Xbox One was once even gonna get Online DRM like PC gaming does it and that got them and Microsoft as a whole, a shit ton of hate from their fanbase for it. Then completely got rid of all of that before launch.