Can you relate to Frank Grimes from the Simpsons?

I know I can definitely relate to Frank Grimes. No matter how hard I try to make improvement with my life, I always get fucked over. I lost two jobs in a row for being "unfit" while other ex-coworkers I've seen don't even have to try or get things handed to them. I'm a little slow on my college education (no matter how hard I work and study) while I see other people finish their education like nothing. I've been getting in huge debt since losing two of my jobs in a row and my state has nothing but boring or crappy jobs while all the jobs that best fit me require a bachelor's degree.

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  • No, I relate to Homer. I hate my job, but come in every day and do it really half-ass.

  • Good old grimey. How is he doing?

  • Hosea 4:6 for my children are destroyed for lack of knowledge