I Am Bored? I want to feel any kind of emotion?

Shock me
Freak me out
Tell me a joke.
Dump me

I am like is dead zero level of fun,.. And about to fall asleep.
Do something and try making me emotional!. I want to laugh or cry any emotion!..
I feel like my emotion switch is turned off.
I haven't cried in like 6 months.


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  • Arthur is a 16 year old boy who loves to get drunk and dance. One day he went to a house party late at night, he got drunk and started dancing with a 36 year old woman. Arthur was really enjoying himself. The woman left, bought a drink and dissolved a white pill inside the drink. She gives it to Arthur and Arthur drinks it. Arthur continues dancing then his vision blurres. Arthur feels a little dizzy but ignores it and keeps dancing. Kate grabs Arthur by his hand, tells him I want to show you something and leads him upstairs. Arthur feels more dizzy and his vision worsens. He's confused and by the time they get upstairs Arthur falls on the bed. they start kissing, she grabs for his junk. Arthur screams no and hits her hand away. She put her hand back and forces Arthur's pants down. Arthur screams no, he coughs, he's trying hard to cover his private and get dressed but he can barely stand up, he's so dizzy he can barely move. Kate giggles.

    A 37 year old man, and a 25 year old girl walk in and sees this. The man smiles and closes the door behind him. Arthur asks the man can you help me sir? The man just smiles and the other woman forces a gag in Arthur's mouth...


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  • Just think the room you're in.. now the house, the city, the state, our earth, galaxy-arm, galaxy, galaxy cluster.. Realize that there are much more than a Vigintillion of even those.. Realize how small you are, and that your boredom is irrelevant.

    Welcome to my world.

    • Well now imagine me sending you this comment,..
      Then imagine me sending you kissing emoji,
      Then imagine me sending you some nude!
      Now I didn't do anything!.. But there are future with this possibility!.. It's called parallel universes with different reality!..
      Now imagine every second multiple universes are dividing like this and I am fucking single and bored in every single one of them!.
      I am bored in every single possible fragment of reality across space and time!..
      Infinite number and versions of bored me!. Spread across the universe and infinite fragments of reality,. .
      Welcome to my Boring world

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    • Yes There are actually I have been looking for such Divergent,..
      Most of them keep themselves hidden,.
      Still I found 6 of them
      Try hunting down Ex-marines and people in military who worked in concealed dept.
      The tasks forces who do their hands dirty,.

    • you both are great

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  • I've been in that state of mind a few years ago. Nothing seemed to phase me anymore. No emotion whatsoever. What you need to do is to get up and get moving. Get out of your bed. Get some pants on. Get out and win the day. Watch this first lol

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  • Go to google, type in "Hero Alom", watch the videos that come up.

    • hero alom videos by carry minati they're best you can check them too

    • @DirectX thanks for the suggestion 😇 some of my classmates showed me his videos lol. I'll check out carryminati's vids too ☺

  • what do you call a fake noodle?

    an impasta

    • What is that which is from France and is much more cuter then a French poodle?

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    • Good thing you succeed in distracting me,
      I love a throat cutting sharp one like you!..

    • you're welcome

  • Abe pagal Ho gya kya... dimag ka dahi na kar... ja mar ja...
    Laga shock?

  • What's the hardest part of a vegetable to eat?

    The wheelchair...


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