Any fans going to watch the New Edition biopic tonight?

I've watched the TLC biopic (okay) as well as the Aaliyah (sucked), Anna Nicole (ehh), Marilyn Monroe (good), Full House (sucked), Saved By the Bell (good), 90210 (ehh), Michele (great), Britney Murphy (ehh), Whitney Houston (more like Bobby Browns bio), Tony Braxton (awesome), and Britney Spears (to be announced...)



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  • I'll watch it.

    • New Edition was wayyyy ahead of my time so I'm not really familiar with their music but I still plan to watch the movie. I saw Toni Braxton biopic (Love her music, hated the movie) I saw TLC movie (love their music + the movie) I saw Aaliyah (love her music hated the movie)

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    • I saw part one & part two. Plan to watch part 3 tonight. I can't believe u didn't like it lol. Why didn't u like it?

    • It was so disappointing