What caused the downfall of the Silent hill Franchise?

I did a lot of research on the subject and I came across a few things. One was that the series became a franchise, the cult became the back story for the series and they failed to execute it poorly at times. Then we have the second game which was hated at first but as the series went on and continued to use the cult aspect of the game, they hated the cult aspect and tried to bring the element of silent hill 2 into those games and it became old and cheesy very fast. Then the final thing was Konami... They restricted the silent hill team creatively. And Konami now has a graveyard of franchises they ruined and also they only let Hideo Kojima have free reign to do what he wanted with Metal Gear Solid, but even they took that away from him and now the Company is merely a shadow of what it once was. That lead to its downfall too. Thoughts and opinions?


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  • I think it's because they failed to adapt and ended up with the same thing over and over again.
    A whole hallway of locked and broken doors for only one useful door. It had a fairly interesting comeback With silent hill 4 the room but that's as far as they went with it out of like 8 games.
    If you want a similar feel to the silent hill series try the evil within

    • I do have the evil within, I do like it so far

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    • Yeah a lot of companies did that though some company would make a fortune if they went around and scooped up all the dead series that were great.

    • True, I know kingdom hearts is coming back!

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  • silent hill? what sorry that doesn't ring a bell to me

    • Video series by Konami

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