What sub genre of Drum and Bass is this?

I figured there should be quite a lot of music fanatics on here.
I absolutely love this kind of Drum and Bass, its such a great song :

I know there are many sub genre's of Drum and Bass such as Liquid or Progressive.
But i never managed to figure out exactly which one this is and i'd love to be able to find mixes of it other then just searching it based on the artists i already know.

Can anyone help and comment the correct sub genre?


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  • Fuck yeah! We're into the same type of music!
    As far as I know it's only Dnb. Matrix & Futurebound, Netsky, Rudinental, sigma etc etc. They all kind of experiment with sounds, styles and music. So they rarely put it under a subgenre as far as I've seen.

    But I guess it's dancefloor Dnb or anthemic Dnb.
    But the styles within the genre differs soooo much!
    I have a whole list of artist I dig. It would be fun to pass music between each other!

    • Horton called it "Party drum and bass" : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DgoUNN_Gp9Y
      Its indeed a hugely broad genre, some i absolutely love and some i find really blant and boring. The liquid stuff for example has no impact on me whatsoever. Some of these artists should come together and make a name for it already :P

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    • Hahah I know right! It's hard! 😂. Np mate! 👌 ❤️ we're all one big Dnb family! 👌

    • by the way, check out
      Cartoon - made me feel ft. Kristel aaslaid
      Hit me up what you think? 👌

  • this is drum and bass? I don't hear any of either

    • Its very different from the classical sense of Drum and Bass, thats why i have so much issues finding it. It has the same speed but the structure is quite a bit different, the very typical old drum and bass tracks are not really my thing.

    • Yeah sure, but there's a huge difference between

      Sigma - nobody to love


      Spor - Aztek

      Their both Dnb, but it totally sound like two different genres

  • I believe that's the crap sub genre.

    this is dnb.

    • Can definitely understand why you feel that way. While this song is actually one of the better ones its the old DnB that made me think i was not into the genre. So from your perspective this new subgenre is kind of invading the old style you love just like similar genre's ruined hardcore for example. Everyone would be better off if they named it something completely different and left Drum and Bass for what you just posted.

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    • @thecarrera it was pretty good.

      this is dub step but it's good too.


    • That one goes into my dub list. Saving every song 😂👌

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