Hey, eligible gamer girls... how can single gamer guys find you in order to ask you out?

Connecting with people over the same interest is a lot of fun, but I have absolutely no idea where to look in order to find girls who share my interests. Gaming and virtual reality are just some of my hobbies, and some of the posts on here from gamer girls are really inspiring.

Where do you girls hang out? Where do you girls make yourselves available?

I don't mean where "online", I mean where in person? Where do you girls hang out at?

I feel like I'm grasping at straws here... lol


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  • Try looking for girls that are loners usually they are one of 3 girls.
    1 nerd/no social skills
    2 geek/gamer
    3 book worm who is only looking for a friend.

    • thanks for mho

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  • You could try comic book/anime/trading card stores or conventions. TBH though most "gamer gurlz" really know nothing about games and do it purely for attention - especially the cosplayer types. Hell, even a lot of the ones on here go out of their way to say "imma gurl lol", and at least half of those are actually dudes.

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