Who is your favorite comedian?

Mine is most likely George Carlin, but Richard Pryor and Robin Williams are right there as well.. Too close to call.


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  • I used to like Jim Carrey a lot, but now I feel that he is not so funny anymore. I also liked Robin Williams. That man was amazing! Rowan Atkinson is very good in the role of Mr. Bean. 😊

    • Mr. Bean rules! The movie sucked though lol. Carrey had his time and I think his best work was playing characters instead of stand up comedy. Robin did both wonderfully!

    • I agree with the movie with Mr. Bean. I didn't find it so funny. I mean there were two actually... but I didn't like them. Yeah, Jim Carrey is good only in the movies.

    • Aw😊 thanks for MHO!

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  • Larry The Cable Guy, Dane Cook, Jeff Dunham

    I mean Dane Cook is so loud he doesn't even have to tell jokes, that's how funny he is.

    lol jk all those guys suck. Brian Posehn, Dave Chappelle, and Louis CK are my favorites.


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