Has there ever been one video game you played that unexpectedly made you cry or teary-eyed out of no where?

If so, what game was it?

Even though this is a bit of an embarrassing thing for me to admit, I will honestly admit that Super Mario Galaxy kinda made me a bit teary-eyed with Rosalina's Storybook.

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  • Not that I remember.


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  • OH BOY here comes my time to shine:

    -Mass Effect series. There's at least... Six points where I cried. Three of which on the third game.
    -Iji. Bit of an unknown game, but it's free and worth a play for sure. One point made me cry before I found how to fix it, and the ending always gets me.
    -For that matter, Bastion. Supergiant Games has a knack for storytelling.
    -Bioshock Infinite.
    -Katawa Shoujo. Technically a visual novel, but that game is just sad no matter what you do.

    I might be back with more as I remember them.


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