If you had the ability to listen to a song without using any electronic devices which song would it be?

It's like soundtrack in a movie. Except that the people can hear it. When you are walking in a street you decide to play a song. Every one around you will be wondering were the song is coming from but they won't know cause it comes from every direction. You probably know that I would choose Lili Marleen because I love that song.


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  • Most likely "Battle Cry" by Imagine Dragons... I just find that song to be so moving and gorgeous 😍😍 I could literally listen to that song 24/7 and never get bored of it!!



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  • Some song I like

    • Best opinion is best opinion.

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    • just post the youtube link.

    • The song I linked isn't a Wnglush song either, it's German song but it's the instrumental version.

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