What do you think of vocal trance music?

It is mostly lifters that listen to this type the genre was popular back ion early 00`s with the likes of dash Berlin and forever immortalized by Zyzz


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  • I like this type of one since it's easy to get drunk and sing along with goofy dance:

    I don't know what the genre is called.

    • Trance music makes me confused because there are often slow parts where there's no percussion and then it goes back to the parts you can dance to. That's very confusing after about 20 tequila shots to try to figure out when I'm supposed to stop dancing for the slow part.

  • Vocal Trance is one of my favorite genres, I also like Oldskool Rave, Eurodance, Ambient Techno, Dream Trance and some other EDM subgenres.

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