The Power, by Naomi Alderman - Would you like to live there if you had the choice?

Simple question for those of you who have read the book - i'm not giving details as to its contents because it will separate those who have from those that haven't. I would prefer replies from people who have reached the end and can understand the pros and cons :-)


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  • An interesting question. I'm assuming you mean the world shortly after women acquire the Power, rather than that which we glimpse only briefly at the end, in the correspondence between Neil and Naomi.

    To my (limited) male brain, the pros are relatively few : bettter sex through electrical stimulation, assuming your female partner is playful rather than sadistic.

    The cons however, for a man, are many. Constant fear and intimidation, sexual violence, beating and murder. All in all the men in this universe do not fare well when matched against women. Of course this is the point, we are shocked by the brutality yet this is what women face on a daily basis.

    Would I like to live there? My rational brain says no, it would be a horrible place for a man, downtrodden and submissive, fearful, always anticipating the next punishment from any woman who has a whim to do so. And yet, the non rational part of me thinks it might be exciting for a while...


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  • Don't know what it is