Thoughts about people who are disrespectful to their parents?

So I have always wondered about this. I was raised in a household where disrespectful behaviour was never tolerated (especially directed at your elders). Even if they had misunderstood something I'd done and I simply wanted to clarify, they would see that as "talking back" and I learned to keep those opinions to myself. On the other hand, I see a lot of people who disrespect their parents and authority figures in a way that really surprises me. I just don't appreciate that level of disrespect and it really pisses me off when I see this happen. Even teachers are not always spoken to politely and I have to wonder why this happens. I understand that we get frustrated with our parents and teachers, but they do a lot for us and it often goes unappreciated. I have to admit, sometimes argumentative behaviour is called for when authority figures abuse their level of power, but sometimes it is so uncomfortable to watch and completely unjustified. Whatever happened to respecting other people's opinions, values and beliefs even if they are different from your own? This goes beyond verbal disrespect. The way girls disrespect themselves by dressing provocatively just for male attention is also shocking. I just don't understand how people have stopped valuing respect and have no problem saying rude, hurtful and completely insensitive comments to each other. You see it on the Internet, on social media websites, and everywhere that people interact. It's very disheartening that no one feels the need to respect other people. I know I wrote a lot but I would like some comments and opinions please :)


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  • We were taught to respect someone who is older than us. This is really important part of Turkish tradition but unfortunately there is certain members in our family that disrespect their elders.

    • I understand that it's sometimes necessary to speak up and defend yourself but I don't appreciate it when it's just a lack of manners :)

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  • I have no idea why... some kids are taught to respect elders and adults. to show love and kindness to others but when they get older they pick up behavior from whoever they hang around as friends. It's sad that cowards use social media to make hate filled comments especially on Facebook. i dress decent. I think everything you said is on point.

    • Aww, thank you! :) I just had to express my frustration because I don't like the direction society is heading and the sad part is that it could have been prevented. Parents are no longer as involved in their children's lives, constantly getting divorced, and are not concerned about their children's upbringing. All the family values that kept us all in check no longer apply. Glad to know that some people agree and it gives me hope for the future :)

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  • I believe true respect is earned. Parents are the authority, but that doesn't mean they are better than their children.

    • I absolutely agree with you :) Respect should be reciprocated by both parties and authority figures should not disrespect other people simply because they can. But I also don't think you should curse out your parents like you would to a friend if you get what I mean :)

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    • That used to get me so aggravated when they wouldn't listen to me. I think there has to a balance between allowing your children to have a voice that is entirely their own and silencing them completely (so I see what you're saying) :)

    • Yes, exactly. I agree.

  • Meh, the world is a big circus. Nothing shocks me anymore.

    • That's a sad truth and I wish it wasn't so. I just don't think people respect themselves or others anymore and it's becoming apparent in every aspect of society :(

    • I feel you.

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