(Breaking Bad series) If you were in Walter White's shoes, what would you do with your life?

If you haven't watched the show or you still cannot figure out how to be in Walter White's shoes in the beginning of the Breaking Bad, then read the text below:

Imagine that in your entire life you have been a good guy in general... good husband, loyal to the end with your wife... good father, always looking to sacrifice yourself for the children... but unfortunately your only male son who is already graduating high school still needs your help to make him wear clothes... he was born with some brain damage so he cannot move properly and even speak properly... then, at home, you are almost ur spouse's stooge, she doesn't yell at you but she/he treats u as someone so weak that u can't even have sex with her/him whenever u want...
Besides that, you get to know that all your classmates at university are now thriving in succesful careers while u are just too embarassed to talk about urself since the only thing u could do was becoming a teacher in small and insignificant middle school... but that's not because u were a bad student in your college days... actually u were brilliant... and maybe more than simply a brilliant student since you have even been awarded a Nobel Prize for an academical research that u have contributed to... but now u need to do an extra part-time job in order to pay all the bills in your house and give food to your family...
More over... you have always been a good citizen in general, you have never broke the law, you have never even gone physical ever in your life... you never did any sort of drugs in your younger days, and also never smoke a single cigarette... but somehow, now you are sitting in front of a pneumologist, and after the exam in your lungs he says you have cancer and you cannot survive for more then 2 years... So what the hell are you going to do from now on?

has anyone ever watched breaking bad?


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  • Be rich, kill more people, kill my enemies so I can go to prison for life

    • question is: how to be rich?

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    • well... i guess i need to explain to the entire community then... when i have registered in this website i was not planning to take it seriously so i just didn't care to fill all the information form in the right way, i just wanted to finish soon the registration in order to use this website... and now i cannot change my age anymore lol

    • Gotcha XD. And same here: I'm 14. Lol

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  • If you're faced with death like that then I think it's natural to behave more recklessly because no matter what you do you're going to die soon anyways. I don't know if I'd go as far as Walt but it's hard to predict what one would do in such a situation.

    • that's exactly my question, what would u personally do in such a situation? what reckless stuff would u begin to do? would u do something similar the way he did?

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    • Hmm, I'm not quite sure what my dreams are, what I really want out of life. I'm trying to figure that out but I keep coming up with more questions than answers.

    • so in this question just pray for God to give u the answers, have faith!

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  • Probably accept the goddamn treatment money from his old friends like was offered back in the first few episode

  • Not read long-winded inaccurate G@G questions.