Gimme some requests.

I've had a thought for a vid (I did start making one but then my computer fucked with me and i lost the recording and... it took me three hours to record that. Forgive me for not wanting a repeat).

My thought is, that I simply draw something you guys want me to draw, timelapse it, and chuck some commentary over top. Pretty simple, what I would have done anyway, but this time, I will be drawing what YOU guys want.

Ill take the ideas I like most, make a poll out of them, and whatever rates highest will be the drawing of choice.

The commentary over top will be me rambling about whatever it is the drawing has made me think of.

For example, if you got me to draw a fish i would probably start ranting about that one idiot i met who thinks keeping a fish in a round bowl is a good idea and that you only need to clean the bowl once every two weeks.
Round bowls concentrate light and can burn the fish, and small tanks need to be cleaned out FOUR TIMES AS MUCH as the larger tanks. Not to mention they didn't even own a filter. Fish DO need oxygen you know.


So tell me what you want me to draw!

And dont just say, you know, a cat. Or a fish. Or a dog.

Say, a cat grroming itself, or a dog chasing a ball.

Give me both the subject AND the action its doing. I want as little freedom as possible. If you want even give me a background.


give me an idea of what to draw including what it is and what its doing.
Ill make a poll using the best ideas.
Vote for the best idea.
I make video with unscripted commentary.
You get my stupidity for free.

Keep in mind, this won't be done for a couple weeks. Im a very busy lady. (Usually this would be a lie but currently it is actually the truth)


Poll made! Please go over and vote for your favourite!


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  • It's hard to say "you should draw x!" because I'm sure you'll do an awesome job no matter what and I don't want to stifle the great ideas you already have

    • Nah but i gotta get better at drawing what other people want anyway! I want to start taking commissions one day, which means broadening what i feel comfortable drawing. And if i rely on myself i typically just fall into the same habits haha

      I need your mind!

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    • I typically draw cats and dogs, now and then I ATTEMPT horses, but I cannot wrap my head around their anatomy.

      I do try to draw other things now and then, but I pretty much always default to cats and dogs.

    • LOL! I'm impressed with anyone who draws anything XD Maybe you could try architecture?

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  • Then, draw a fantastical/mystical landscape, that represents your current feelings, and then rant about your current situation.

    • Oh deep, hm. Ill keep it in mind, but do you have a more superficial idea too?

    • Mm.. how about a Swallow feeding her children? Perhaps a Humminbird howering over a flower? A Cricket rubbing it's legs together.. or a Cicada leaving it's shell?

  • A triptych, two people having conflict... jThree drawings showing a narrative, the first two illustrating the conflict with the third drawing the resolution of the conflict between them.

    I'd suggest that one of them accuses the other of cheating...

  • Perhaps try drawing something from eastern mythology like a Qilin or a Vermilion Bird flying through clouds.

    I haven't drawn in years and i'm now expected to draw realistic plants and shit in my Diploma in Graphic Design (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

  • a naked girl facing the front fingering herself LOL

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  • draw a unicorn

  • How about a cat chasing a mouse. Two animals, two actions.

  • a mermaid combing her hair.

    • I have actually never drawn a mermaid before... huh, Ill definitely be keeping this one in mind