Did you know that 3 teams won titles in 2016 that had all C's in the 1st letter of their names and nicknames and 1 with double P's?

Wow, how amazing is that?

Coastal Carolina Chanticleers Triple C NCAA baseball
Cleveland Cavaliers Double C NBA
Chicago Cubs Double C MLB
7 total starting C's.

Pittsburgh Penguins with the Double P. NHL

Has this ever happened with a single letter with 7+ in the total or 3 teams doing it? I can't think of anything weirder happening and dang, it'd been 9 total C's if Clemson was called the Cougars or Colts or whatever C name instead of Tigers. South Carolina had 2 national champions last year, Coastal Carolina in baseball and Clemson in football. Just for weird measure, a double letter Pittsburgh Penguins did it but those were Ps and not Cs.

Can somebody tell of a weird happening like this before?


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  • This is an interesting fact but I'm not sure I'll ever be able to use it for any purpose.

    • @OlderAndWiser
      True. I'd like to hear of weird stats like If an NBA team scored same number of points in each quarter, if an NFL game ever had 30 mins to 30 mins time of possession for each team. If there ever will be another scoreless NFL game. Hasn't been one since November 7th 1943 between Lions and Giants. If there will ever be another NCAA undefeated nation basketball champion. Hasn't been one since Indiana in 1976. Things like that. And totally weird stuff.

    • I laugh when sports announcers give us facts like "Notre Dame has not lost a home game in the month of October when leading by more than 14 points in the past 2 1/2 years." It really doesn't mean much!

    • @OlderAndWiser
      Yeah, like The Houston Astros are 6-0 in home night games on Thursday versus losing teams. Doesn't mean anything either. Some stats do tell a lot tho. That one isn't one of them. lol

  • Illuminati confirmed

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