If you know who Scott Scurlock (Hollywood) was, you'd mostly describe him as which of these?

Scott was a thrill seeker and the son of a preacher back in the 90's. Ann Rule wrote a book about him. Him and his 2 childhood friends went on a spree of bank robberies in the 90's in Seattle. 20 robberies for 2.2 million. He was featured in the Seattle Times during the robberies-but not for the robberies (they didn't know the guy they were interviewing was the guy who was wanted by the FBI right under their noses). He was a nature lover who had built and lived in what they featured as "The World's Largest Tree House." 6 stories tall with gangplanks connecting it 60 feet off the ground between cedar trees. A hot tub, electricity, and a secret make up room-that he used Hollywood quality makeup to disguise himself prior to the robberies. He bleached all of the drop cars, in several instances hit the same bank vaults 2 or 3 times, never left a single trace of DNA, never fired his weapon in any of the robberies, laundered the money through casinos, was known for tipping every waitress $100, and donated tens of thousands of dollars to Greenpeace and Amnesty International. Which of these would you describe him best as?

  • Don't know who he is
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  • A flat out criminal
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  • A respectable bank robber, because he didn't hurt anyone even when he had the chance, and donated a lot of the money
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  • A pretty wild guy with some ingenious ideas
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  • I WISH I could do a lot of the stuff he did!
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  • I just shoveled the driveway I'll look at this later cause I do want to answer but I'm tired, cold, and doing laundry

    • okay, now looking at it, he's got far more morals than any of the banks,
      Yeah, not a bad guy

    • Lololol... you did it again Waffles! Keep it up!