Would this make a good plot for a romance novel?

Would this make a good plot for a romance novel? [Main Girl's Name] was a modest, unassuming girl from a humble working-class family and excelled academically in school. She also enjoyed the company of her peers and was good friends with the other girls. However, many of the boys felt resentment towards her as she didn't smoke, drink alcohol, nor was interested in sleeping or hanging out with them. She simply wanted to get on with her life as a hard-working, talented high school student whilst enjoying her small circle of friends and doing well in life. One boy, at her school, was very attracted to her. Although he was only 18, he was notorious for being a violent bully in school and for being a gangster on the streets. Nobody dared to mess with him, and he was used to getting his way. The quiet, studious 16-year-old girl had ignored the young thug's interest in her as best as she could. Biggest. Mistake. Ever.


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  • I would definitely read that!