Fallout 4 players: choose your squad?

you can choose up to 3 companions for your team~ who would you want on your side in a fight, and why?

my team: cait, maccready, and deacon.

why? i play a stealth build and prefer to fuck shit up from a distance. also, they have some pretty loose morals and don't object to my questionable choices.

(you can also add gage or longfellow to your team, though i can't find one of these with them in it. sad face.)
Fallout 4 players: choose your squad?
dogmeat tax:


Most Helpful Guy

  • For my detective stlye character
    Nick valentine, Hancock, and Piper
    makes perfect sense to me for that role

    • @vonasaurus I just realized that you forgot 2 companions
      Junkyard dog and Ada.
      I can't help but feel like someone else is missing but with the robotics perk I'm pretty sure that you can have any robot as a companion including eye bots as well.

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    • i have the junkyard dog on multiple saves but have never gotten the option to use it as a companion~ was that an option at one time?

      and yes, forgot ada~ my bad!

    • I don't know Maybe she glitched for me but the first time I found her she acted just like dogmeat
      There's a mod for it now though.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Can I have 3 dog meats? Because I hate people and I'd rather have 3 bad asses with me 😂😂 or one dog meat can be replaced by my metal Butler (forgot his name)

    • metal butler=codsworth. and yes, i see no reason you can't have like 10 dogmeats lol.

    • i only playes fallout 4 for like the first two hours hahah dont know many characters xD

    • yeah, it took me a while to warm to it. but i like it, and i've replayed like 8 times now; i know all the companions and most of their likes/dislikes by heart. :)

      also changing my roster to include 10 dogmeats!

What Guys Said 1

  • Piper (medium range), Macready (long range), Strong (close range).

    • that's kinda the idea with mine as well~ cait for short range, mac for long range, and deacon is the wild card.

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  • Aw I wish I got to play Fallout 4.