Are you, up to this very day, still a Nintendo fan?

Are you, up to this very day, still a Nintendo fan?

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  • moved over to PC

    • I'm a PC gamer now as well but I'd rather have a Nintendo Switch over the PS4 and Xbox One since Nintendo at least tries to be different, unlike PS4 and Xbox One, that are nothing but watered-down, wannabe-PCs.

  • Like I'll always love them but THEY NEED TO JUST PUT MIYOMOTO IN CHARGE like who ever is running things now is an idiot the switch will fail and kill Nintendo

    • I honestly don't think the Switch itself is a bad console. It's just Nintendo keeping a lot of their customers/fans in suspense by not answering all of their questions regarding all of the Switch's features when we are 3 weeks away of launch day. That's what's pretty much making the Switch a turn off for many people at the moment.

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    • We'll just wait and see til Nintendo finally opens up again with more info, which probably not until launch day or a day before it. After all, Nintendo Switch is getting Skyrim later this year.

    • Skyrim is much smaller than gta TBH I'm not even sure it could run red dead or even borderlands

  • I wan never a Nintendo fan