Thoughts on tinder?

I've never been on tender, I think its lame but so many people I know use it, so what are you're thoughts on it? Should i use it?


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  • Well, I've never used it so I'll go off of what others have said. It seems that Tinder is used mostly for hookups rather than for finding a partner. I personally prefer approaching someone in real life because then I could get a better impression of that person. Anyone could have a couple good pictures and look completely different when you actually meet them


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  • It's good if you looking for a one night stand

    • Just a one night stand?

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    • Calm the fuck down anon

    • Yeah you did stutter actually you also have a lisps

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  • Never heard of tender

    • Well if you looked at the fucking title you would see that I spelt it right there. Get the fuck out with your wannabe red ariana hair

    • Calm down there tender

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