Do you agree with my saying?

"A Pokemon trainer who respects him/herself, never has the same Pokemon twice in his inventory."

I'm against it. I see in Pokemon Go, people having various Rhydons assigned in different gyms, and this was also happening back in the old Pokemon games days, where people had the same Pokemon more than once.

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  • There's no right or wrong way to play the game as long as no one gets hurt. Let people play how they want.


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  • I agree, I never seen the point in collecting every Pok√©mon that crosses my path


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  • Your argument of "a good caretaker has only one subject of each type in their care" is subjective. There is no reason to have only one pokemon as much as there is no reason to have multiple of the same type - both depend on personal choice which is in no way objective in this regard, discounting whatever game-oriented strategy you will be applying to your choice.

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