What to do for my 18th birthday?

im confused, i feel like the first option is too much for a weekend ( Friday & Saturday) and too much money for everyone so any substitutes or suggestions to make anything cheaper or better? Option #1 is my original plan tho, im also including eating at Ihop on one of the days. What to do for my 18th birthday?


  • Strip club, tattoos, pole dance classes, fair, back to the hotel
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  • Strip club, fair, tattoos, back to the hotel
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  • Strip club, tattoos, pole dancing classes, back to the hotel
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  • Girl hit me up ur party sounds like its going to be fun af.


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  • are you single or in a relationship?
    my answer would be different for depending on your relationship status.

  • ill strip for free for you when u are 18

  • honestly go to get air like if your gonna do something sweaty with a lot of people where you also show too much then y not a place with a shit ton of giant trampolines


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