Zelda breath of the wild should I wait until Christmas to buy it?

Haha ik its dumb to ask

I have never asked a gamer question here before but im super super super excited for this game to come out next month!! Thing is i just blew 2 grand on a remaining balance from college today

And i just found out zelda isn't being sold with the new nintendo switch inside a bundle.

Another thing thats bugging me is their controller. I want the standard Pro controller but it's sold separately for 70$

Sooooooo im just curious to see if anyone else is leaning towards waiting it out to see if there will be any deals later on around the holidays

I waited this long i can try my hardest not to spoil too much of the game for myself watching what people stream on youtube >.<

Orrrr do you think i should say fk it and eat ramen noodles for a few months while i just buy all 3 separately and have at it?


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  • It's Zelda... eat the ramen noodles!

    • Im so toooorn 😫😫😫😫😫😫😫 i finally was doing good financially i even bought my self breakfast at a diner today

    • Lol. Zelda is my favorite game ever by far sooo I'm not a good one to answer fairly lol.