Do older or younger people value digital images more or less? What does age have to do with it?


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  • I think that everyone values digital images a little bit less because photos are just so easy now. Like before, if you had a family event and came back with 45 pictures, it would be huge! But now, everyone at the event can take photos (and many often do) and it takes no time at all to take that many pictures.

    But this is a better thing, not a worse thing. No longer will we have that ONE picture of grandma because things get lost, frayed, or destroyed. This is undoubtedly a better time, which isn't really a surprise because tomorrow has always been better than yesterday -- and it always will be.


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  • I think people value digital images more because you look at websites like instagram, facebook, snapchat etc where people are posting a lot of pictures everyday.


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