When did music videos become only about erotica?

I mean, sh*t! People jerk off to music videos. In a sense, Gaga's videos are better than most...


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  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHod7Vt_2gM i think it had a lot to do with this group and others like this when groups were saying there rights were being denied when there songs were being banned for explicit lyrics.

    while i dont like songs that are explicit i can see there point but a lot of people took advantage of it and still are. just look a the popular rap groups that condone sex with underage kids and things like that. while its deplorable its peoples rights that let them say anything they want.

    a lot of people forget about that but i dont think it will go away as long as groups like the one i linked here support sexual behavior over morality. which is becoming a trend over the past decade sadly.

    • Straight outta Compton, that was about this, in a way. Freedom of speech

    • yeah and im all for freedom of speech. some people just tend too forget those rights are there for a reason even if they dont like what is being said. its a right and i will support those rights as long as there are people who believe in free expression in music. . i wish there were more people aware of this than they are though because there are so many people who certain songs banned.

      like this song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=517WVJNdO5g which they had a big fight
      over trying to ban it saying it condones killing cops. which might be true but it was the freedom of speech trying to be took away.

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