Could performing arts be for me?

OK since I was little I always wanted to be involved in PA (Performing Arts). I love everything about stages and stuff.OK so I can sing,dance,act those are the major things you need to get into PA and being able to read helps lol. so I got my report for Drama/Dance and the teacher gave me a B+ they said I have a natural flare for performing arts. But I'm not sure I can make it big time I really want to be the next Angelina Jolie. I'm in school productions I know everything you need to know about PA I perform in talent quests with my friends we do dancing and singing lol so I would like your opinion is PA for me? and do you think I could make it to Hollywood? (I know it would be very difficult to make it to that stage)


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  • Well, what exactly do you want to do? I can give you advice about acting, but I'm familiar with the singing and dance stuff.

    Well, if you're talking about the film industry then you're going to need connections. You have to know people in the industry. You may have talent, but if you don't know anyone, then you're not gonna get far. And let me tell ya, its hella competitive. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of girls that are just like you. You really need to stand out. So expect to be rejected many times. With that said, you have to have thick skin. You can't be sensitive.

    There's so much information that you need to know. I mean, what I want you to understand is that this industry is tough. You really need to have a passion for acting.

    And if you are dead serious about acting, then apply to different types of acting classes. There's scene study where you work on character-development and script analysis. An on camera class is very beneficial to actors wanting a career in TV and/or film. Cold reading classes are very important to prep for an audition. Improv classes are also great.

    Like I said, there's just so much info you need to know. If you want to know about acting, then feel free to message me.


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  • How can we know? We've never seen your face or seen you perform. You just told us you didn't do well in your drama class (you should have gotten an A) and that you love it. That doesn't mean you'll have a career. Sorry


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