What are some songs that you've listened to that've given you chills and/or "eargasms"?

There've been a handful of songs that've evoked a physical response from me.. Of any kind.. But it's quite rare.

"Mad World" was the first song I remember listening to that gave me chills.. Still a great song!

"A Thousand Years" was probably the second.. This song made me cry when I first heard it also. (And I didn't hear it because of twilight btw)

And I think that nearly everyone has heard this song before at least once! If you haven't- if there's one song you listen to.. Listen to this one!

And just recently.. A few hours ago I was listening to this song.. And at about 38 minutes into it.. I heard an absolutely amazing piece with a beautiful orchestral part that left me in awe.. I can't stop listening to it lmao. If you want to listen to it this is the link.


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