What is your favorite party environment?

Mine is a few days in a row on a festival terrain. like a adult camp. party 24/7 and lots of fun sidestuff to do when not dancing. pic related, me beeing as happy as can be What is your favorite party environment??


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  • I looove a good camping festival or just going camping with mates.

    I also love getting day drunk in the sun, known in Australia as a Sunday sesh.


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  • I'm more of a soft lighting, dinner party with fizzy wine kind of gal.

    • What food do you like best in these settings? any preference? or do you like to try new things every time you visit a place

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    • Will any mushroom and all dairyproducts do that? i feel it rules out a wide arrangement of dishes. and i learned a new word today; Legumes.. #themoreyouknow

    • I'm deathly allergic to mould. This extends to mushrooms.

      I also have a casein intolerance with comorbid lactose intolerance.

      Plus I just straight up can't digest legumes.

  • House party but with a few people not a crowd

  • Small, intimate dinner parties

    • Those can be quite good! any specific type of kitchen? if i can make a guess... you're a italian type :D

  • home

    • Safe answer, but i can agree =) there's absolutely no place like home. unless you meant home alone. then there'd better be cake!!

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