Why don't some black kids care about school?

I didn't say all--just some. And it's mostly the boys. The ones at my high school act like complete clowns. They wear all these Gucci belts and bring Beats stereos to school, just to play some rap music. Yet they don't have a book bag. Being poor is definitely not an excuse for them. They live in the same neighborhood as me, and it's not in the ghetto or anything. Of course, any kid, regardless of race, can act this way. But it seems the black kids are the ones who go out of their way to make people hate them.

How do you expect people to respect you when you walk around with your pants sagging, throwing up gang signs, and rapping about how many btches you have fcked? They want people to hate them. I don't know why. If they don't like school, drop out. Either flip burgers at a fast food joint or beg for money on the streets while you live in a cardboard box. Don't bring your idiocy to school. And yes, this issue does bother me because I have to deal with it on a weekly basis. I'm just trying to do best in school right now.
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I never knew that this was their culture. If it's their culture, then okay. Just what I wanted to know.
Why don't some black kids care about school?
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