Reputation vs Revival which album will have more sells?

Reputation vs Revival which album will have more sells?Revival will be released tomorrow on 15 Dec!! For those who don't know, it is upcoming album of EMINEM. A part of it was leaked yesterday. What do you think. Will Revival beat Reputation while securing 1st position on Billboard? EMINEM vs Taylor Swift who is better?
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  • Reputation! Tyalor the great
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  • Revival! Yo Eminem
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What Girls Said 1

  • While Taylor's music is total garbage, it's the kind that people listen to these days and what sells. Eminem makes music that is for a smaller group of listeners, so he won't beat Taylor, how ever much I don't like her music. Not that I like Eminem's that much either, but it's better than Taylor's.

    • *Taylor's music is total garbage* Respect = +1000

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    • @wankiam yay! Debates are fun :D

    • lol... indeed

What Guys Said 2

  • interesting the way you put the question... because taylor swift is a pop creation created to generate sales she may well get higher in the chart but eminem is far more credible an artist so will always be better

  • I have no ill will towards either artist but it looks to me that Taylor will win because she's the hot ticket right now


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