Help with buying things with an international billing address?

Hey everyone, I really need your help!
I'm trying to buy a movie for my American friend on an American website, but no where will they allow the billing address to be international (Danish).

The shipping address is of course American, but because I'm paying the billing address isn't.

Yes, I do have a VISA card, so it's not because my card isn't accepted.

I already tried walmart and bestbuy (because I don't know any other stores haha) and I can't figure it out :(

I also considered buying the DVD here in Denmark and then sending it to my friend myself, but your DVD players don't support European DVDs so thats not an option either.


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What Guys Said 2

  • So on an American Website, you can still use the billing address of the person you are shipping to as long as your credit card information is correct on your end.

  • Try amazon


What Girls Said 1

  • Well, why don't you use your friends billing address and just pay for it with your card


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