Which of Hulk Hogan's theme songs suited him the best?

Sadly way past it now but as we all would know, Hulk Hogan was once the biggest name in professional wrestling and made it a world wide main stream phenomenon.

He was The first wrestler to use any theme music at all.

I will list and give a video link to 5 of his songs in chronological order.

1. Eye of the tiger

2. "Hulk theme"

3. Real American

4. American Made

. The new world order theme

  • Eye of the tiger
    Vote A
  • "Hulk theme"
    Vote B
  • Real American
    Vote C
  • American made
    Vote D
  • The New World Order (NWO) Theme song
    Vote E
  • Voodoo Child or Our house (no videos)
    Vote F
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