What is your most anticipated release of 2018?

Could be anything. TV Show, Movie etc

My pick is the upcoming sequel to Steins;Gate, Steins;Gate 0. One of my favorite series of all time and it's finally getting a sequel. What's your pick?What is your most anticipated release of 2018??


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  • Attack on Titan season 3, avengers, Jurassic world

    • They say AoT will be out next summer, but then again they also told us that season 2 would be out in 2015

    • Right? Lol if it comes out next summer then I'll be happy but if not then I can be patient

    • At least it'll be out in our lifetime lol

Most Helpful Guy

  • movies: avengers, antman, deadpool 2, black panther, venom, xmen dark phoenix, aquaman, fifty shades freed, pacific rim uprising, tomb raider, mission impossible 6

    series: marvels new warriors, lucifer, blacklist, arrow, the flash, the punisher (not confirmed for 2018), luke cage, the defenders (not confirmed for 2018), daredevil


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  • Sword art online season 3, attack on titans season 3, seven deadly sins season 2

    • Also high school dxd hero, sword art online alternative GGO, chuunibyou season 2, date a live 3, eromanga sensei ova

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    • Yeah there is I need to catch up. I thought season two was kind of boring tbh so I kind of just stopped before finishing it. Loved season 1 though

    • It was fun ^^

  • Deadpool two and many more

    • Please, in detail

    • Avengers:infinity war, Jurassic World 2, Black Panther, Battle Angel Alita, Ant Man and Wasp, The Orville season 2, I can keep going but that would take a while

  • The next series of Wentworth


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